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Space Age Insulating Ceramics
Affordable Energy Saving Solutions

METAL SHIELD...A rust preventive, heat insulating, soundproofing concentrate containing a blend of space age ceramic insulating microspheres and an industry standard setting anti-corrosion compound. By combining the thermal heat blocking and soundproofing properties of Hy-Tech insulating ceramic microspheres, and a time tested rust preventative concentrate you can now not only protect from rust your Auto, Farm equipment, RV, Industrial Storage Tanks etc but also gain the additional soundproofing and heat resisting properties of Hy-Tech Insulating Ceramic Microspheres, the NASA developed technology for blocking the extremely high heat in spacecraft.

BARRIER insulating, radiant barrier paint made of ground metallic aluminum pigment blended into an acrylic polymer vehicle along with Hy-Tech Insulating Ceramics. Barrier Coat is designed for use as a radiant barrier coating for attics and also a superior water vapor barrier when applied to sidewall's preventing "in the wall" condensation buildup due to water vapor transmission. The ONLY VOC free radiant barrier coating on the market today!

CERMAFORM..Finally a concrete slip form that can be used for up to 50 pours WITHOUT the use of contaminating oils, silicones or other form release agents. The secret to CERMAFORM is a plastic, ceramic microsphere filled sheet which is laminated to one side of the form board which produces a non-stick, smooth, texture free pour.

ECO-PEL CONCENTRATE...Environmentally friendly concentrate which repels termites and wood destroying mammals. Eco Pel can be master batched for addition to your product, ANY product which needs to be protected from wood destroying insects or "critters", all natural, non-toxic.

ACOUSTI-COAT...Sound Deadening Paint, You Bet! Acousti-Coat was commissioned by one the worlds leading acoustical sound engineering firms who had a need for an inexpensive, easy to apply sound deadening product and HY-TECH came up with the "Solution". Acousti-Coat is a heavy bodied, water based flat latex paint formulated with ceramic microspheres and sound absorbing fillers. The combination of a high loading of the Ceramic Microspheres with their vacuum centers reduces sound transmission and the soft pigment fillers absorb sound and prevent it from bouncing off the surface. Noise reduction in the 500Hz, (500Hz is mid frequency of the human voice) is reduced by 30%.

FIREPROOF COATINGS...Our new line of intumescent coatings are non-toxic, waterbase, and can offer up to 90 minutes of fire protection to a standard stud wall/drywall configuration.

World Famous INDIAN RIVER CITRUS...The basis for the new HY-TECH line of environmentally friendly, non-toxic, water soluble cleaning and degreasing products, CITRA BURST! Now you can clean anything, printers ink, remove grease from auto engines and driveways, and in it's diluted form CITRA BURST will safely clean any surface around your home or business, CITRA BURST, the earth friendly "Solution" to any cleaning requirement.

ENCAPSULGUARD...A recent study commissioned by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) found encapsulation to be a favored method of lead paint and asbestos abatement, helping to reduce the risk of childhood lead poisoning. HY-TECH realizing that CCA lumber was also a major problem which poses a threat to our children and went to work formulating a tough elastic, waterbase, non-toxic coating that would encapsulate existing life threatening coatings, the result...ENCAPSULGUARD a high-solids, Acrylic water-based copolymer blended specifically to form a durable yet flexible barrier between lead-based paint and the environment. ENCAPSULGUARD offers superior coverage, economics and paint-like aesthetics while preserving historic and architectural detail.

Research is currently underway for,
Reduction of thermal transfer through steel studs and metal frames for windows and doors.
Anti-Condensation coatings for the heating and air conditioning industry
High temperature reduction in the automotive racing industry
Rodent resistant, fire resistant electricial and cable coatings.
Non-Toxic barnacle and zebra mussel repellents for the marine industry.
All natural non-toxic rust and corrosion resistant lubricants
Non-Toxic, all natural pain relieving gel.

As you can see Hy-Tech Thermal Solutions has the resources, technology, determination and expertise to come up with a "Solution" for your application.

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